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Horizontal slider

Horizontal slider

Brands: Silverline

Model: 8700/8800

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Product Details

The Series 8700/8800 Slider Window is perfect for rooms with limited space. This modern window design will add spaciousness to your home. Sashes glide smoothly on a specially designed rolling track and are removable from inside the home, making cleaning a breeze. Available in three styles, the sliding window provides a contemporary solution for many of your remodeling needs.

Features & Benefits:


  • 7/8" insulated glass helps save energy and helps reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Fusion-welded frame and sash create strong,weather-tight corners
  • Dual weatherstripping virtually eliminates drafts for a more energy efficient home
  • Durable rollers and a specially designed rolling track help make opening and closing these windows easy
  • Cam action locks and keepers draw both sash together for a tighter seal
  • Grilles are sealed within the glass for easy cleaning






Color Option


These vinyl windows are available in white and beige. The color is consistent throughout the frame and sash, making scratches virtually invisible.




Energy Efficient Glass Options:

All windows and doors are available with energy efficient, dual-pane glass options to achieve the level of comfort and energy savings you are looking for. This window offers:

LoE2 Glass - Designed to efficiently and transparently reflect heat, this glass helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This can help reduce your energy bills while still ensuring exceptional clarity.

LoE3 Glass - This highly efficient glass helps reflect even more heat, resulting in increased comfort and energy savings year-round.

Argon Gas Fill- An odorless, non-toxic gas that helps reduce heat loss, helping to save on heating costs.






Color coordinated to match the window and designed to provide easy operation.




Grilles and Patterns:

Our grilles-between-the-glass options are specially designed to enhance your home's décor and make cleaning your windows a breeze. Or select Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) with grilles attached to the outside of the glass to give the traditional look of individual panes of glass. Grilles are available in several different patterns that are sure to add style to any home.

Grilles and Patterns


Design Possibilities:

Create a new and unique look for your home with one of our many styles and combinations, including:


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